VaughanTown program 698 in Belmonte

VaughanTown is a non-paid, volunteer program where Native English speaking participants exchange conversation for room and board in the heart of the Spanish countryside.
You will come to Spain under the umbrella of Vaughan Systems, the largest in-company language training firm in Spain. Our 300 trainers

provide more than 350,000 hours per year of language training to over 5,000 executives and technical personnel in more than 520 companies, with such names as Microsoft, Ericsson, Accenture, John Deere, Ford, Pfizer Labs, Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, Heineken, Exxon-Mobil, and a very long etcetera. In our classes, we build for our Spanish executives the foundation, main pillars, and beams. At VaughanTown, we will want *YOU* to expose them to "the real McCoy" and, in essence, finish off that roof for them.

This picturesque town is located in the south east of the Province of Cuenca and is approximately one hour and a half from the capital Madrid. The province of Cuenca is noted for its landscape and its impressive plains which have acted as a backdrop to many historical happenings.
The program itself takes place in the restored fifteenth century palace, which was built on the ruins of what was the first thirteenth century Belmonte Castle. The hotel is located on top of a hill with impressive views of the famous fifteenth century Belmonte Castle, inspiration and scene of numerous historical events in the Manchegan plains. The palace boasts 39 rooms, an exterior terrace, café, restaurant, solarium and exterior swimming pool.

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Orense, 69, 28020
26 Agosto , Domingo 21:00

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