Session of Kambó, Bufo Alvarius, Yopo - Córdoba 3-4 Mar

Each ancestral medicine has a distinctive feature and takes us to a different place from which we can observe our being. Complementing and using several of these plants or natural substances strengthens their powers and brings people to different internal places where they can understand parts of their


We have many testimonials from people who, after their experiences in the workshops, felt the first great click and begun processes of liberation from self-limiting beliefs. They have led many people out of depression or addiction, anxiety and isolation, unhappiness and resentment. They are ideal complements in processes of healing and understanding, and for transformations. Together, they are the links in a wonderful chain of tools at our disposal to solve psycho-emotional and health problems. To live fully and in peace.

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, 14001–14014
03 Marzo , Sábado 18:00

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