Permaculture Design Course with Graham Bell Portugal Oct 2017

This is a full-power PDC - an excellent site, an affordable price and a first-class teaching team including Graham Bell, author of The Permaculture Garden. Hosted by a sustainability leader in Portugal, and classes with one of the 'elders' of the European permaculture movement... What more can you ask


Come join us for an amazing Permaculture Design Certificate course in the Algarve, on a stunning 35ha family farm that was saved by a tenacious team during the financial crisis of 2007. A fantastic real-world example of a working, profitable, ecological farm that puts earth first. This is a beautiful and inspiring project.

We are very excited to be partnering with Quinta da Fornalha, and particularly with the inspirational Rosa Dias. She and her team are absolutely committed to saving past knowledge and providing a healthy farm for generations to come. The farm has been managed by Rosa's family for 250 years. We are also excited to have Graham Bell joining us, a very well-respected permaculture pioneer and author of The Permaculture Garden and The Permaculture Way.

Castro Marim is well-known as a bird-sanctuary and for it's salt ponds.

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Quinta da Fornalha, 8950-186
Castro Marim
22 Octubre , Domingo 16:00

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