International Bagpipe Conference 2018

The Fourth International Bagpipe Conference, marking International Bagpipe Day 2018 (10 March),is a celebration of the world’s diverse bagpipes and bagpiping traditions. Following the success of previous conferences, the upcoming event will spread over three days, starting on Friday evening with an opening

concert and ending on Sunday afternoon. The conference will be held in Palma, Mallorca, where there is a rich and unbroken piping tradition.

The conferences are a productive and welcoming platform for all people interested in the study of bagpipes: musicologists, ethnomusicologists, music experts, instrument makers, musicians, composers, dancers and music lovers. This event is an exciting interdisciplinary opportunity to discuss various questions relating to the study of bagpipes both today and historically.

All three days are open to the general public and bagpipe enthusiasts are encouraged to attend. Ticket information will be posted on the website in the following weeks.

Official Languages
As the conference will be held in Catalan speaking territory, papers are welcome in English, Spanish and Catalan. Translation options will be provided.

Friday 9 March 2018
The conference will be launched by an opening concert at the Teatre Xesc Forteza in Palma's old town. International acts are still to be confirmed but Mallorca's most prominent piping duets will be featured.

Saturday 10 March 2018
The conference will take place on Saturday 10 March 2018 (International Bagpipe Day) at the Arxiu del Regne De Mallorca in Palma's historical centre. Bagpipe specialists from all over Europe will exchange knowledge about their instruments, music and culture.

Sunday 11 March
An open meeting will be organised in the morning to present the newly formed Board Committee and introduce the Advisory Board.

In the early afternoon, an event with the Xeremiers de Soller and the Xeremiers del Puig de sa Font, two Mallorcan bagpipe groups will be organised, most probably involving Mallorcan bagpipes, historical trains and oil factories. More details to come soon!

For more information or details about past conferences, including abstracts of past papers, please visit

TICKETS will be made available soon.Check out this space or the official website:


L’Organització Internacional de Cornamuses (International Bagpipe Organisation), primera plataforma internacional per a l’estudi de les cornamuses, us convida a participar en la Quarta Conferència Internacional de Cornamuses per celebrar el Dia Internacional de la Cornamusa 2018, una mostra de la diversitat de les cornamuses del món i de les seves tradicions.

La Conferència durarà tres dies i s’iniciarà amb un concert d’inauguració el divendres 9 de març i conclourà amb el diumenge 11 de març a la tarda. La Conferència pròpiament dita serà el dissabte 10 de març i tindrà lloc a l’Arxiu del Regne de Mallorca, a Palma, Mallorca.

Enguany, els idiomes oficials inclouran el castellà i el català.
Els tres dies estaran oberts al públic i a les persones interessades. La informació sobre la inscripció estarà disponible al web:


La Organización Internacional de Cornamusas (International Bagpipe Organisation), primera plataforma internacional para el estudio de las cornamusas, le invita a participar en la Cuarta Conferencia Internacional de Cornamusas para celebrar el día internacional de la cornamusa 2018, una muestra de la diversidad de las cornamusas del mundo y de sus tradiciones.

La conferencia se realizará en el Arxiu del Regne de Mallorca en Palma, Mallorca, el sábado 10 de marzo de 2018. Este año, la conferencia tendrá lugar en España y, además del inglés, los idiomas oficiales incluirán el castellano y el catalán.

La conferencia durará 3 días, iniciándose con un concierto de inauguración el viernes 9 de marzo y concluyendo con una excursión el domingo 11 de marzo por la tarde. La conferencia se realizará en el Arxiu del Regne de Mallorca en Palma, Mallorca, el sábado 10 de marzo de 2018.

Los tres días estarán abiertos al público y a personas interesadas.
Información sobre la registración será compartida en la página web:

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Carrer de Ramon Llull, 3, 07001
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09 Marzo , Viernes 20:00

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