Diabetes, IBS, Heart Disease 7 or 14 day program

You may have heard the name Panchakarma and wondered what it is about and how it works to benefit your health
Panchakarma is an ancient system of Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation therapies designed to facilitate the removal of deep rooted toxins in the body. Many diseases are caused by these

deep seated toxins which lead to improper digestion, stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, loss of concentration, premature aging, heart disease, diabetes, cancer just to name a few…..

read more here http://ayurvedaspain.com/panchakarma

With the 7day and 14day programs a maximum of 4 participants
Includes therapeutic supervision, Ayurveda Treatments, Yoga and Vegetarian based meals
Costs are 150 euro per day ( does not include accommodation, transportation to and from or the initial Ayurveda Personal Consultation of 99 euro regular 150 euro)

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Calle Marbella, 29679
24 Febrero , Sábado 09:00

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