Basic Principles of Yoga Course for Personal Growth

Basic Principles of Yoga Course for Personal Growth

Hi everyone! : )

Yoga is said to be: "The journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self" - (Bhagavad Gita).

Yoga is also said to be "The gift of India to the world"

Yoga is much more than a physical practice, yoga is a choice of a conscious

lifestyle, yoga is living with intention.

It is a philosophy with more than 5,000 years of wisdom, and it's there to teach us a different angle to look at things, it teaches us to live life with more awareness, to live a happy, healthy and wholesome life.

There is no doubt that it exist a hint of mistery revolving around the word YOGA. With this course, we will dig in to understand more profoundly the basic principles of this inspiring ancestral philosophy.

What is yoga? | What are the most common misconceptions about yoga and why they're untrue? | What are the effects that yoga has over the body and the mind? | How can yoga help with managing stress levels and anxiety responses in the body?
| Why is so important the breathe? How about energy? | What exactly is meditation all about? | What's behind the trendy term "mindfulness"? | Is yoga really able to help preventing illness?
| Is yoga a good tool to help me focus and being more productive? | Is yoga able to help me having more and better orgasms? | Why do yogis salute the sun and how is the sun salutation executed? | Why there are so many people out there saying "Yoga changed my life"

Along the course we will stop to break down through some extended myths about yoga, we will navigate deep through the yoga world in order to integrate as much as possible about the wisdom of this millennial philosophy.

We will try to give answer to these questions and to some others, we will see tools and techniques to adopt in our daily lives, so we can live a life full of intention and as a result, to live a better life.

This is the 20th edition of this course in Spanish and the 3rd edition in English, first time it will be run in Marbella area : )

4 Saturday mornings for a deep inmersion in yoga and its philosophy, to get started or to deepen your practice if you're already a practitioner.


Session 1 and 2: Ananda Mandira Yoga Center
Centro Comercial Monte Biarritz, local 6A – Urb. Monte Biarritz (Estepona)
Session 3 and 4: Shanti-Som Wellbeing Retreat
Llanos de Purla, Km 22, 29110 (Monda)

First Session: Saturday 17/03/18 - Ananda Mandira
Second Session: Saturday 21/04/18 - Ananda Mandira
Third Session: Saturday 12/05/18 - Shanti-Som
Fourth Session: Saturday 09/06/18 - Shanti-Som

Daily Schedule:
10am - 12pm - Theory and contents.
12 - 12.30pm - Tea Break.
12.30 - 1.30pm- Yoga Practice.
1.30 - 2pm - Meditation & Full Final Relaxation.
* Last day of the course, a delicious full brunch menu is included after class at beautiful Shanti-Som.

(This is a general idea of the programme, we may possibly change the order of the practice some of the days).

* There will be practices and exercises suggested to practice in between the sessions.

For all bookings made before 31st of January 18:
220 euro per person for the course.
All bookings made after 1st of February 18:
250 euros per person for the course.
* You will get a 15% off the rate in all regular yoga classes run in Ananda Mandira during the four months of the duration of the course.

What's included:
- 4 theory of yoga sessions.
- Guided meditations and relaxations.
- 3 dynamic yoga practices.
- 1 soft yoga - yin yoga practice (Deep stretching and meditative class)
- Tea each day during the tea-break.
- Yoga mats and all props will be provided.
- Full Brunch healthy and delicious menu for the last day of the course, including:
Starter: Special Shanti Som Salad or Beetroot Carpaccio
Main: Green Thai Chicken Curry or Tofu Wok
Mineral Still Water
Dessert or Tea / Coffee

What to bring along with you:
Notepad and pen
Your best smile and willingness to learn and enjoy yourself : )


Space is limited and these courses tend to fill up quickly, so that is highly recommended to book with time in advance.
If you're interested in booking your space or learn more about the programme, please get in touch:
+34 626 327 218 (Charo) or

Looking forward to welcoming you on board and sharing with you all these 4 months of Yoga-Love! : )

Om Shanti


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Centro Comercial Monte Bearritz, local 6A, Urbanizacion Monte Biarritz, 29 688
17 Marzo , Sábado 10:00

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