7-8 September Algemesí (Spain) You can’t miss it!

Intangible Cultural Heritage UNESCO‬
The town of Algemesí (Spain) is ready to celebrate the Festivity of “la Mare de Déu de la Salut”. It was declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO in 2011 because of “its cultural value, which continues

from generation to generation with the same ritual and festive dimension and the community contribution of all the population of Algemesí in a festivity which was originated in the 13thcentury and which is recalled the 7thand the 8thof September every year”.
This celebration was originated in Medieval times (1247) and has been held in Algemesí on the 7th and 8thSeptember to great popular acclaim since then. The traditional ritual acts of the event have passed from generation to generation and are rich in oral expression (theatre), music (63 compositions), dance and performances reminiscent of the Roman, Christian, Moorish and Jewish cultures which have woven the very fabric of this land and which are manifested by the creation of the musical instruments, melodies and costumes that are an integral part of this Festivity.
The music of the traditional “dolçaina” and “tabal”, and the pieces for orchestra and timpani that provide musical accompaniment for the “muixeranga”’s human towers and the dances of the “bastonets”, “pastoretes”, “carxofa”, “arquets”, “llauradores”, and “tornejants” recreate and stimulate a collective memory, transmitting universal messages of highly artistic visual and aural sentiments.
Throughout the celebration, Algemesí becomes a living museum, testament of the Valencian and Mediterranean traditions, interlaced with the faith, tradition and culture of the liturgical celebrations at the Basilica, the soundscapes created by the ringing of the bells and the 17thCentury surroundings along the routes of the processions which over 1400 people take part in.
Place and timetable of the festivity:
• Thursday 7th September 2017: 10 p.m. in the Basílica de Sant Jaume (Town Square of Algemesí).
• Friday 8th September 2017:Processoneta del Matí: 10 a.m.in the Capella de la Troballa // Processó de Volta General: 7:20 p.m. in the historical center of Algemesí.

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C/Nou del convent 71, 46680
07 Septiembre , Jueves 22:00

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